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Welcome to my website. I am an avid fan of all kinds of music and I like to produce songs that reflect various styles and genres. My sound is not particularly modern or mainstream, and I hope to share my creations with an audience who appreciate music both old and new. I hope that you will enjoy what I have produced. If you have any questions or want to share something with me please do so via email: ZacharyMMusic@gmail.com

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My Bio...

Zachary Mason (real name Daniel Macintyre) is a UK based artist living in Guildford, Surrey. He records music in a variety of styles featuring acoustic and electric guitars, and also his keyboard. So far all of his songs contain lyrics written and sung by himself. 
He began recording songs in March 2021, using a recording kit gifted to him by a relative. Since that time he has produced well over a hundred song demos. 
His first single: “Special People” was released on July 1st 2023, and was selected for 9 Spotify playlists.
His second single: "No One Puts It Right" was released on September 11th 2023 and has been selected for airing by 8 radio stations (most notably "Dünyadan Sesler")  and inclusion in 11 Spotify playlists.
His third single: "Quicksand" was released on November 3rd 2023 and has so far been selected for 8 Spotify playlists and 7 Radio Stations, including Dünyadan Sesler. It has also received positive feedback from several members of the music industry, including Daniel Van Eyk, Oghamyst Music, Don’s Tunes and (most notably) Pablo Monroy, who featured Quicksand in the Spanish Rolling Stone.
His debut album "Songs" was released on November 25th 2023. Individual tracks on the album have received praise from members of the music industry, and have been selected for Spotify Playlists and also Radio Stations (Such as Dünyadan Sesler).
His fourth single, Sweet Sunshine, was released on April 26th, and so far has been selected for 38 Radio Stations (Including Bay FM, Jamsphere and Dünyadan Sesler), 44 Spotify Playlists, and has received positive feedback from several members of the music industry (Such as Pablo Monroy, writer for the Spanish Rolling Stone and who featured the song in that magazine.)
His favourite artists include Neil Young (who is an influence on some of his acoustic work) Bob Dylan, Thin Lizzy and Mac DeMarco.
Zachary also writes poetry, stories and essays under his real name, Daniel Macintyre, and displays them on his website scribblings.uk

Latest News...

A new single is on the way! I'll Get Through will be coming out August 14th 2024 on all major streaming platforms! This track will feature a more rock orientated sound compared to previous releases, so be sure to check it out so you don't miss hearing something new! 

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New: Ringtones

Add the lively, soothing sound of No One Puts It Right to your phone's selection of ringtones! Now available- for free! (Ringtone length: 0.26) Link below. 

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My Proudest Achievements...

I've been featured in the Spanish Rolling Stone Magazine!

Article by Pablo Monroy

My single and album track, Quicksand, was in an article entitled "20 artists you should know" by Pablo Monroy in the Spanish Rolling Stone Magazine!

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